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Distance from Townsville to Bendigo

Townsville and Bendigo are separated by a distance of approximately 1,959.2 km in a straight line.

See also the distance Townsville to Bendigo calculated for a road trip (by car) , calculated for a bike ride , walk or public transport (bus, Metro, Train, Tram).

You also have the travel duration from Townsville top Bendigo and the cost of fuel (gasoline or diesel) to cover the distance between Townsville and Bendigo.

Address, Place, City, ...

Address, Place, City, ...

Distance by car :
Travel's duration :
Distance in straight line :
1,959.2 km
Cost Fuel (Gasoline) :
Cost Fuel (Diesel) :
Distance by bike :
Duration by bike :

Distance (by car) between Townsville and Bendigo : .
Travel duration : .
Cost Fuel (Diesel): .
Cost Fuel (Petrol) : .

Weather in Aitkenvale

broken clouds
  • Temperatures : 14/14°C
  • Wind : 1.5 km/h
  • Pressure : 1016 hPa
  • Air humidity : 100 %
  • Cloud cover : 75 %
  • Sunrise : 20 h 46
  • Sunset : 07 h 51
  • Daylight hours : 11 h 05

Comparison between Townsville, Queensland & Bendigo, Victoria

Population196,219 Habitants100,617 inhabitants
Average altitude15 m221 m
Distance in straight line1,959.2 km
Distance by car
Travel duration (by car)
Distance by bike
Travel duration (by bike)

Distances and roadmaps from Townsville

Distance Townsville to Sydney Roadmap Townsville to Sydney 4,627,345 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Melbourne Roadmap Townsville to Melbourne 4,246,375 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Brisbane Roadmap Townsville to Brisbane 2,189,878 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Perth Roadmap Townsville to Perth 1,896,548 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Adelaide Roadmap Townsville to Adelaide 1,225,235 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Gold Coast Roadmap Townsville to Gold Coast 591,473 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Canberra Roadmap Townsville to Canberra 367,752 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Newcastle Roadmap Townsville to Newcastle 308,308 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Logan City Roadmap Townsville to Logan City 282,673 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Geelong Roadmap Townsville to Geelong 226,034 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Hobart Roadmap Townsville to Hobart 216,656 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Cairns Roadmap Townsville to Cairns 153,075 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Toowoomba Roadmap Townsville to Toowoomba 131,258 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Darwin Roadmap Townsville to Darwin 129,062 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Launceston Roadmap Townsville to Launceston 106,153 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Bendigo Roadmap Townsville to Bendigo 100,617 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Ballarat Roadmap Townsville to Ballarat 97,937 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Mandurah Roadmap Townsville to Mandurah 83,294 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Mackay Roadmap Townsville to Mackay 74,219 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Bundaberg Roadmap Townsville to Bundaberg 70,826 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Maitland Roadmap Townsville to Maitland 67,132 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Rockhampton Roadmap Townsville to Rockhampton 61,724 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Adelaide Hills Roadmap Townsville to Adelaide Hills 60,394 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Tamworth Roadmap Townsville to Tamworth 47,597 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Albury Roadmap Townsville to Albury 45,627 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Port Macquarie Roadmap Townsville to Port Macquarie 41,491 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Queanbeyan Roadmap Townsville to Queanbeyan 40,661 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Cranbourne Roadmap Townsville to Cranbourne 39,419 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Orange Roadmap Townsville to Orange 39,329 inhabitants
Distance Townsville to Shepparton Roadmap Townsville to Shepparton 38,773 inhabitants

Alternates names : TSV, Taunsvil, Taunsvil', Taunsvilis, Taunsvill, Townsville, ta'unsavhila, tang shi wei lu, tang si wei er, taunjeubil, taunzubiru, tawnsfyl, tawnzwyl, Таунсвил, Таунсвилл, Таунсвіль, טאונסוויל, تاونزویل, تاونسفيل, ٹاؤنزویلی, टाउन्सव्हिल, ტაუნზვილი, タウンズビル, 汤斯维尔, 湯士威路, 타운즈빌

Places close to Townsville

Distance from Townsville to Hervey Bay Beachfront Caravan Parks 916 km
Distance from Townsville to Dreamworld 1,164 km
Distance from Townsville to WhiteWater World 1,164 km
Distance from Townsville to Warner Bros. Movie World 1,168 km
Distance from Townsville to Paradise Country 1,168 km
Distance from Townsville to Wet'n'Wild Water World 1,169 km
Distance from Townsville to Western Downs Regional Council 987 km
Distance from Townsville to Lockyer Valley 1,090 km
Distance from Townsville to Shire of Pine Rivers 1,102 km
Distance from Townsville to Kubin 1,120 km
Distance from Townsville to Redland City 1,134 km
Distance from Townsville to Connolly Dam 1,144 km
Distance from Townsville to Southern Cross Atrium Apartments 283 km
Distance from Townsville to Dreamcatcher Apartments 337 km
Distance from Townsville to Bell Park Development 609 km
Distance from Townsville to Boney Yard 633 km
Distance from Townsville to Turkey Creek Gas Field 535 km
Distance from Townsville to Springton Gas Field 546 km
Distance from Townsville to Arcturus Gas Field 562 km
Distance from Townsville to Rolleston Gas Field 618 km
Distance from Townsville to Springvale Gas Field 693 km
Distance from Townsville to Yellowbank Gas Field 707 km
Distance from Townsville to Merivale Gas Field 718 km
Distance from Townsville to Westgrove Gas Field 719 km
Distance from Townsville to Glentulloch Gas Field 744 km
Distance from Townsville to Grafton Range Gas Field 823 km
Distance from Townsville to Pleasant Hills Gas Field 826 km
Distance from Townsville to Euthulla Gas Field 828 km
Distance from Townsville to Pine Ridge Gas Field 834 km
Distance from Townsville to Yanalah Gas Field 836 km

Distances between Bendigo most populated cities of Queensland

CitiesPopulationDistance from Bendigo, 04
Brisbane 2,189,878 inhabitants 1,112 km
Gold Coast 591,473 inhabitants 1,183 km
Logan City 282,673 inhabitants 1,132 km
Cairns 153,075 inhabitants 283 km
Toowoomba 131,258 inhabitants 1,062 km
Mackay 74,219 inhabitants 324 km
Bundaberg 70,826 inhabitants 846 km
Rockhampton 61,724 inhabitants 597 km
Caloundra 38,706 inhabitants 1,059 km
Gladstone 30,489 inhabitants 687 km
Mount Isa 22,785 inhabitants 781 km
Maryborough 21,501 inhabitants 925 km
Woodridge 20,650 inhabitants 1,131 km
Narangba 16,223 inhabitants 1,084 km
Yeppoon 13,285 inhabitants 593 km
Warwick 12,562 inhabitants 1,130 km
Gympie 11,027 inhabitants 977 km
Bowen 10,983 inhabitants 173 km
Moranbah 10,000 inhabitants 331 km
Dalby 9,847 inhabitants 992 km