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Thanks to this site you can find and calculate any route between the different places and cities of Autsralia thanks to the tools offered by this site. If you are looking for a straight-line distance between Canberra and Sydney, or want to calculate the best route, whether on foot, by car or by train, then this site will allow you to determine all possible routes to organize your trip in the best conditions .

You can easily calculate a practical route sheet to facilitate your trip, you can specify an optional route by avoiding the motorway or specify the desired mode of travel such as car, train, tram, bus or bike among others.

If you want to know the different places of interest close to a city, all you have to do is go to the page dedicated to the city in question and refer to it. You could know the distances of different places of interest such as museums, historical sites, sports facilities and many other places in Australia.

Main distances in Australia :

Australia States

Australian Capital Territory357,222 inhabitants
State of New South Wales6,917,658 inhabitants
Northern Territory211,945 inhabitants
State of Queensland4,332,739 inhabitants
State of South Australia1,596,572 inhabitants
State of Tasmania495,354 inhabitants
State of Victoria5,354,042 inhabitants
State of Western Australia2,239,170 inhabitants

Australia largest cities

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Canberra
Sydney4,627,345 inhabitants247 km
Melbourne4,246,375 inhabitants467 km
Brisbane2,189,878 inhabitants945 km
Perth1,896,548 inhabitants3,092 km
Adelaide1,225,235 inhabitants959 km
Gold Coast591,473 inhabitants907 km
Canberra367,752 inhabitants0 km
Newcastle308,308 inhabitants358 km
Wollongong292,190 inhabitants188 km
Logan City282,673 inhabitants931 km
Geelong226,034 inhabitants531 km
Hobart216,656 inhabitants860 km
Townsville196,219 inhabitants1,798 km
Cairns153,075 inhabitants2,071 km
Toowoomba131,258 inhabitants901 km
Darwin129,062 inhabitants3,137 km
Rockingham108,022 inhabitants3,094 km
Launceston106,153 inhabitants707 km
Bendigo100,617 inhabitants466 km
Ballarat97,937 inhabitants537 km
Mandurah83,294 inhabitants3,087 km
Mackay74,219 inhabitants1,573 km
Bundaberg70,826 inhabitants1,200 km
Bunbury68,248 inhabitants3,072 km
Maitland67,132 inhabitants362 km
Armadale62,296 inhabitants3,072 km
Rockhampton61,724 inhabitants1,332 km
Adelaide Hills60,394 inhabitants950 km
South Brisbane60,000 inhabitants944 km
Reservoir47,637 inhabitants458 km
Tamworth47,597 inhabitants496 km
Wagga Wagga46,913 inhabitants162 km
Albury45,627 inhabitants218 km
Berwick44,779 inhabitants455 km
Port Macquarie41,491 inhabitants554 km
Queanbeyan40,661 inhabitants12 km
Cranbourne39,419 inhabitants465 km
Orange39,329 inhabitants223 km
Blacktown39,000 inhabitants235 km
Shepparton38,773 inhabitants358 km
Caloundra38,706 inhabitants1,018 km
Hoppers Crossing38,108 inhabitants490 km
Werribee37,737 inhabitants494 km
Melton35,490 inhabitants486 km
Castle Hill35,389 inhabitants243 km
Saint Albans35,091 inhabitants474 km
Nowra34,479 inhabitants141 km
Frankston East34,457 inhabitants477 km
Frankston34,457 inhabitants479 km
Rowville34,145 inhabitants456 km

Distances and routes in other countries

You can access to distance direction calculator by following links in underneath table :

USA Distances318,900,000 inhabitants9,834,000 km2
Hong Kong Distances79,235,000 inhabitants1104 km2
Japan Distances127,288,000 inhabitants377,835 km2
Italy Distances59,830,000 inhabitants301,336 km2
Australia Distances23,130,000 inhabitants7,692,000 km2
Canada Distances35,160,000 inhabitants9,984,670 km2
France Distances64,768,389 inhabitants547,030 km2
United Kingdom Distances62,348,447 inhabitants244,820 km2
Find more information on distances and routes from other countries on countrybox.info with specific details about each city.

Australia administrative levels

Administrative nameLevelTotal
Self-governing territories Level 13
External territories Level 17
States Level 16
Regions Level 258
LGAs Level 3563